"Like A Girl"

I wouldn't call myself a feminist because I don't like to put myself inside boxes and categories. However, I will defend my women-folk and continue to fight misogyny at every opportunity. Nothing irks my soul more than being told that I do something "like a girl." You drive LIKE A GIRL. You throw LIKE A GIRL. You run LIKE A GIRL. I also shoot like a girl and can tear holes through a business card at 15 yards with my Glock 19. Cut it out!

Women are the most precious creatures on this planet and should be respected as such. A year ago people told me that a black woman couldn't start a firearm instruction company and look at me now......creating my own lane LIKE A GIRL

"I used to want the words "She tried" on my tombstone. Now I want the words "She did it."       -Katherine Dunham 




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