5 Seconds of Fame

Wow, so much has happened over the last 3 months. I was featured in my first major news article and got to interview with BET News. I was also recently featured in a "controversial" NowThis video that went viral. It kind of feels surreal.

Most of the feedback has been great! I've gotten e-mails from other women thanking me for bringing awareness to the underrepresentation of women in the gun community. I've gotten messages from other veterans who were proud to see one of their own using military skills to educate civilians. I've even been contacted by self-proclaimed pacifists who admired my goals of empowering women through self defense. And on the other hand, I've gotten a ton of hate mail. I guess there are alot of people who don't understand why I choose to target women of color with my marketing. I won't continue to explain myself. They're kind of a lost cause at this point. I take it all in stride and remain focused on my mission.

I'm going to teach a million women how to shoot, I'm going to teach in different states across the country and I'm going to open my own gun range. Honestly, I think I'd be happy if I knew I prevented another woman from being assaulted or if somehow my company helped another woman get out of a domestic violence situation. My goals are pretty simple. I have no intentions of teaching tactical classes, reviewing firearms/accessories or pursuing any political platforms. I'm just a regular girl who stumbled upon an untapped market and got a couple seconds of notoriety ;-)

Marchelle Tigner