Buying A Handgun Do's and Donts

Buying a Handgun Do's and Donts

DO figure out the purpose of the gun. Is it going to be an everyday carry gun (edc) or is it going to be a home defense gun (or both)

DONT purchase a firearm that you've never shot. It would be like buying a car that you've never driven

DO take a firearms class before you purchase a firearm. Not taking a class beforehand is like buying a car before you learn how to drive

DONT purchase a firearm based on its appearance or the recommendation of others. THERE IS NO "GIRL" GUN!

DO shop around and pay attention to what's included in the cost. Gun A may cost $400 but doesn't include magazines, Gun B may be $405 but includes 2 magazines, case and cleaning brushes

DONT waste money on expensive/cool gadgets until you have mastered shooting fundamentals. Save that money for firearms education and practice ammo

DO think about safe storage/carry options while making your handgun decision. If you plan to carry the firearm in a holster then you should figure out what firearm/holster combination works best for you

*learn your state and local handgun/self defense laws, consider purchasing gun owners insurance, and make sure your household is considered in the decision

Marchelle Tigner