S L O W Down

New Shooter Advice!

Slow Down!

Maybe it’s the nerves or the movies we’ve watched but for some reason newer shooters tend to shoot really fast. It’s almost like you want to rip the band aid off to get the scary moment over with. Maybe you haven’t purchased ammo yet and don’t understand that you’re spending a few dollars every minute, lol. The goal is not “spray and pray”. The goal is target acquisition and shot groupings 👌🏾

In the beginning try to work on shooting slowly and deliberately. Take breaths in between shots and line your sights up (aim) every shot. If you’re shooting a standard silhouette target, pick any number on the target and try to shoot it. I’d say a good year one goal is having all your shots fit under your hand.

Let me mitigate your expectations. If it’s your first time shooting, then your shots may be all over the target and that’s ok. You’re working through remembering all the safety rules, fundamentals and getting used to the “bang”. Contrary to what the “experts” say, this is not an easy thing to do especially if you’ve suffered some sort of trauma. For a year, I couldn’t get through a range session without thinking about my attacker.

This past year I’ve been working with women to get used to the “bang” in their first experience shooting. I wanted to change the conversation about women and guns. I wanted to represent women of color in a male-dominated field. We’ve accomplished that.

Now it’s time to level up 😎 Phase 2 ✌🏾

Marchelle Tigner