Shall We Begin?

So you want to get into shooting firearms? This blog lists 7 things to consider when you decide to become a gun owner. 

*If you've read any of my previous blogs then you know that my content is raw and to the point. Please don't take any offense to the references below. I'm writing this in the exact same manner in which I would say it......honest and unfiltered. 

  1. Think about it. Understand that irresponsible people with guns kill people. Understand that bad guys with guns kill people. Talk about it with your family. Ask yourself if you’re responsible or committed enough to learn the ins and outs of your firearm. Ask yourself if you have time to practice your shooting skills. Understand that it’s your responsibility to to make sure you’re proficient with your firearm. You also need to learn how to clean and maintenance your firearm.
  2. Take a class!!!!!!!!!! Firearms knowledge can’t be passed down through genetics so saying “my dad was in the military” DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN SHOOT. Find a firearms instructor with some credible certifications and take their class. Most gun ranges have their own instructors. Also your buddy who’s into guns is NOT an instructor! It’s one thing to admire and shoot firearms. It’s another thing to be able to safely and effectively relay that information to another person. A lot of gun enthusiasts have poor habits and you don’t want to learn those poor habits from someone else. I’d hate to see the blind leading the blind.
  3. THERE IS NO GIRL GUN! Firearms aren’t assigned genders. Any person can learn to shoot any type of firearm with practice.
  4. You get what you pay for! Yes I want you to buy what’s in your budget but, again you get what you pay for. Don’t buy firearms solely because of their low price, bright colors or cool gadgets. Buy dependable brands of firearms that have good reputations and warranties. Check out my blog about the Do's and Donts of Buying a Handgun
  5. Don’t gadget yourself to death. If you’ve bought lasers, optics and custom jobs but you haven’t mastered the fundamentals then you’ve wasted your money. Don’t spend thousands of dollars tricking out a firearm you don’t know how to use. That would be like me buying rims and a stereo system for a car I didn’t know how to drive. Instead, spend that money on lessons and practice ammo. Also your taste in firearms may change as you become more experienced. You may not actually need or want all the things you thought you needed in the beginning. Take your time, start with the basics.
  6. Make sure you're legal and legit. Get your carry permit/license to carry and learn your local gun laws. I use to check the gun laws across the country. Gun laws are always changing and it’s your responsibility to know them. Ignorance can’t be used as a defense in court.
  7. Never stop learning. Understand that firearms evolve with new technology. You MUST keep learning and taking classes. Some of the shooting techniques that worked 40 years ago may not apply to the firearms of today. Be open to learning new things and always remain a student first!
Marchelle Tigner