Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Your classes only for black people?

No, I will teach ANYONE how to shoot. I put an emphasis on "black women" and "women of color" because we are often underrespresented when it comes to firearms marketing and media. Google your favorite gun club and tell me how many women of color you see on their site. If I don't see people who look like me in your ads or marketing, then I don't feel welcome.

Some companies are going out of their way to make sure that EVERYONE is represented and I support those companies. If you don't understand this message and choose not to support my classes, that's fine. I'm still going to keep teaching whoever signs up and I'm going to keep making sure that women of color feel welcome : )


2.How much does the class cost and what is included?

In the Atlanta area, the Women's Handgun 101 costs $50/student. The Women's Handgun 101 class includes range time, ammo, firearm rental, eye and ear protection, target and instruction. The Women's Handgun 102 class is $75/student and includes range time, ammo, four different caliber firearm rentals, eye and ear protection, target and instruction.

*Prices vary in other cities/states


3. Can I bring my own firearm/Gear?

Yes. You can bring your own firearm, ammo, protective gear and target. The class cost does not change if you bring your own materials. I provide 9mm ammo for all 101 students. If your firearm is any other caliber, please be sure to purchase ammo prior to the class. Also, be sure that your firearm is completely unloaded and in a case or bag. 


4. Can children attend the class?

Yes, children ages 12-17 can attend the class but a parent must be present. Parents do not have to pay to attend the class with their child but they are not allowed to participate in the range portion of the class.


5. Can men attend the Women's Handgun 101 or 102 class? 

A male may attend the class ONLY if they are their child's chaperone. These classes are dedicated to giving women the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shooting in a safe and comfortable environment. We also have monthly COED classes that men can attend.


6.When are you coming to teach in my city/state?

I am currently teaching in several states across the country. Please click the "Training" tab to see ALL currently scheduled classes. I am also adding new cities frequently. Be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list (button below) for new class updates.