All currently open classes are posted below. All classes are posted as they are scheduled. In the past year we have taught women's handgun and rifle classes in 15 states and 16 cities. Click here to check out all previous classes. If you do not see a class in your city posted below, please subscribe to the email list to be notified about all future classes. Also, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page here for more information.


Class Experiences

Tig covered a lot in 2 hours. Not a moment wasted. She was thorough, patient, down to earth, relatable, knoweledgable of her craft. No pressure. No condemnation. Without lecturing or hard sell, she kept reminding me why I signed up in the first place! I had a good time. I learned some serious stuff, in a fun atmosphere. Loved the space!!!
— Merilyn D., Intro to Pistol Atlanta 9/8/18

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